Virginia Tech and NIU Shooters Both Shopped Online Dealer

An online firearms and accessories merchant provides an indirect but eerie link between the Virginia Tech shootings in April and the shootings Thursday at Northern Illinois University .

Eric Thompson, who sells firearms and about 40,000 related products on a hundred different retail Web sites, told FOX News’ Neil Cavuto on Friday that NIU shooter Steven Kazmierczak bought a holster from one of Thompson’s Web sites.

No firearms were sold to Kazmierczak, Thomson said, only “unregulated products,” and it was an “unremarkable order in all senses of the word.”

Virgina Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho, who killed 32 on April 16 before taking his own life, made a legal firearm purchase on one of Thompson’s Web sites.

Thompson said when his business learned of the NIU shooter’s identity Friday, a search was made of customer records, which uncovered Kazmierczak’s holster purchase.

Kazmierczak placed the order Feb. 4 and it was shipped Monday, Thompson said.

On Thursday, Kazmierczak opened fire at NIU, killing 5 students and wounding more than a dozen others. He, too, ended by killing himself.