Pranksters Leave Zebra Named Barcode in Emory University Building

A zebra named Barcode has been returned unharmed to its owner after someone placed it in a building on the Emory University's Oxford, Ga., campus as a prank.

The animal's owner, 63-year-old Curtis Jackson, didn't even know the 800-pound animal was missing until animal control officers returned Barcode to his home about a mile from the Atlanta-area campus Wednesday morning.

The animal's appearance didn't shock public safety workers too much when they opened Seney Hall about 7 a.m. Putting animals inside the building has been done as a prank for decades at the Emory at Oxford campus.

Dean Stephen Bowen says he can recall at least one cow left there in the 1960s.

He says it's unlikely the person responsible will be punished. As he puts it, "We're not launching a major manhunt."