Elderly Woman in Wheelchair Uses Screwdriver to Fight Off Drunken Home Intruder

A 95-year-old woman in a wheelchair used a screwdriver to fight off a drunken home intruder until he finally passed out and police could be summoned, officers said.

"When we got there, it was almost comical to us," police Chief Tom Holland said Thursday. "Here's this guy lying on the porch. He's got blood everywhere and he's passed out and there's this little old lady sitting in a wheelchair with a big old flathead screwdriver.

"While we were interviewing her, she wouldn't surrender the screwdriver. She kept it, said someone may come back."

Robert Newton Horsley, 46, was booked on charges of first-degree burglary and public intoxication in connection with the incident early Saturday.

Holland said Winnie Wiles was awakened about 3 a.m. by the sounds of someone trying to get in her house.

"She met him at the door," Holland said. "She was going to defend her domain and did so.

"She kept telling him to go away, that he had the wrong house and to leave her alone, but he kept trying to get in."

The man broke the door glass and tried to reach inside to unlock the door.

"And every time he did it, she stabbed him," Holland said.

"He was yelling 'Quit stabbing me.'"

Holland said he has reviewed photographs of Horsley's hand injuries and one jab from the screwdriver appears so deep that he almost lost a knuckle.

Finally, when he passed out, she called her niece, who called 911.

Wiles declines to be interviewed.

"I'm going to get her a plaque of appreciation for bravery and give her a box of screwdrivers," Holland said.