How Global Warming Brings Heavier Snows

Last Saturday The Times reported that the ski resorts in the Highlands were experiencing plentiful snow this year, a far cry from the poor snowfalls of the last decade or so.

It is not only Scotland that has had a rather snowy time of it this winter; there have been significant falls across Iceland, Scandinavia and the Alps.

he Pacific Northwest of the U.S. had record snow depths during January, while March was the coldest on record. Snow even fell in Baghdad for the first time in living memory.

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On the flip side, there were also some remarkably warm temperatures reported across Europe last winter.

February in particular was very warm with Berlin, Lyon and Stockholm all reporting temperatures more than 4 degrees Centigrade above average. Climatologists also confirmed that land-surface temperatures across the globe were higher than ever before in March.

This paints a strange picture of global warming. Global temperatures seem to be ever increasing, but at the same time snow is falling at what seems to be an increased rate and in unexpected areas.

A warmer atmosphere means there is more energy in storm systems, which in turn translates to higher snowfall. Global warming should really be referred to as climate change.