Hawaii Farmer Faces 20-Year Sentence for More Than 75 Pounds of Marijuana

A 65-year-old first-time drug offender on the Big Island is facing a maximum 20-year sentence.

The case against farmer David Finley of Volcano involves possession of more than 75 pounds of marijuana. Police say they also found nearly 200 marijuana plants in greenhouses on Finley's 29-acre ranch, along with other drugs.

Circuit Judge Glen Hara has sentenced Finley to two maximum 20-year sentences to be served simultaneously. He said any other sentence would undermine respect for the law and hurt society.

But the judge said he is convinced Finley is not an evil person. He was arrested Jan. 29, 2007 and already has served 14 months in jail.

The judge said marijuana is fully entrenched in the Big Island way of life with many people starting to use it before they are teenagers.