Elizabeth Hurley: Modeling Bikinis Is 'Hell'

Elizabeth Hurley models her bikini line for fashion label Mango in sexy new photos — but even she calls taking pictures in a two-piece "hell," and admits to a little retouching.

“Shooting bikinis is now my life, which, as you can imagine, is unmitigated hell,” she says in London's Sunday Times.

“I can’t think of anything worse in the world than another bikini shoot — and I’ve got two next month. It’s unbearable, and I bring it all on myself. I’ve got nobody else to blame. It’s literally torture. If you get a photographer you don’t know, of course, you think, ‘Oh God.’ But if you signed on for the gig, sadly, you have to go and be jolly in a skimpy white bikini. So I now rely on nice photographers, and a bit of retouching."

Photo Essay: Click here to see Liz model bikins for her Mango line

But while she's happy to get rid of "spots and shadows under the eyes," don't go near that nose.

"Often, people will want to correct one’s face, and with me, they always want to change my nose and I’m like, ‘No, no, no, I can’t look like that. I don’t mind if you want to make me a bit thinner and a bit younger, but you can’t give me a different jaw or eyebrows.’ But the vanity retouching — well, who wouldn’t?”

Nevertheless, Hurley says she doesn't work out much.

“I don’t go to the gym, but I intend to,” she tells the Times. “The biggest change at 40 is that you can’t stay very slim with yoga, Pilates or stretching alone. Previously, I didn’t do much more — if that. Over 40, you have to do something aerobic, unless you don’t eat much, but I eat lots.

"But [physically] there’s no comparison with six years ago — I’m much heavier now," she adds.

Other than aging, she blames giving up smoking for her weight gain.

"Before Damian [her 6-year-old son with Hollywood billionaire Steve Bing], I chain-smoked, which is an appetite suppressant. Now, if I put on any weight, it looks different. Because you’ve been big, and your skin has stretched, you have to watch it. And you have to sleep more. I don’t get anything like enough.”

Meanwhile, Hugh Grant, her former boyfriend of 13 years, is still a close friend, she tells the Times.

“I saw him about three minutes ago. He is still very much involved in my life — he’s Damian’s godfather. I think he’s coming to stay with us this weekend, in fact,” she says. “He gets on very well with Arun” (whom Damian calls “Dad," even though he knows he is not is his biological father, according to the Times).

“Hugh’s someone I trust enormously. I still very much use him as my sounding board: It’s important to work with someone who you’re not worried about sounding like a prat in front of. We’re very lucky we have that — and I’m incredibly lucky he gets on well with my husband.”

They don't really talk about their relationships, however.

“We don’t do love life really — we just do business. I’m always trying to persuade Hugh to work — do a movie, do a movie, say yes. I just love people to be busy: I think everyone needs to be busy.”

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