Report: Heather Mills to Accompany Paul McCartney On 'World Tour'

It's just taken Sir Paul McCartney two years and $47,504,339 million to get rid of Heather Mills — and now he wants to take her on his World Tour.

The ex-Beatle, 65, is desperate to spend time with daughter Bea during his 14 months on the road. And that means thrashing out another deal with Mucca, who shares custody of their 4-year-old.

The star is willing to shell out more money on flights and hotels so Mucca, 40, can trot round the globe too.

Worried pals have pleaded with him to reconsider.

An aide told us: "Paul is desperate to keep Bea close by him. If he just heads off round the world he will get upset at not seeing her.

"He realizes he has to do some kind of deal with Heather, and to keep disruption to a minimum he has come up with this idea. He feels that letting Heather fly to him where they are touring could be the best way."

The source added: "Many of those close to him are not sure this plan will work. Heather is so unpredictable that anything could happen."

The divorce delayed plans for the tour, possibly McCartney's last, three times. He hopes to set off this year.

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