Multimedia Coverage of the Pope's U.S. Visit

An archive of daily video packages and photos from Pope Benedict XVI's 2008 visit to America:

Sunday, April 20

Video: Pope delivers homily in Yankee Stadium, Part I
Video: Pope delivers homily in Yankee Stadium, Part II
Video: Pope meets with 9/11 families at Ground Zero

Saturday, April 19

Video: Pope blesses young people at St. Joseph's Seminary
Video: Pope's visit could cost more than $10M
Video: Pope celebrates Mass at St. Patrick's in NYC: Part I
Video: Pope celebrates Mass at St. Patrick's in NYC: Part II
Video: Bill Maher takes back Nazi joke about pope
Video: N.J. Jets' Kellen Clemens' baby kissed by pope

Friday, April 18

Video: Pope ratings prayer answered
Video: Catholics fired up over Bill Maher's anti-pope rant
Video: Pope visits New York synagogue
Video: Report: Bill Maher to apologize for pope rant
Video: Pope's U.N. Speech: Part I
Video: Pope's U.N. Speech: Part II
Video: A look inside the pope's plane
Video: Christian rocker Toby Mac on performing for the pope
Video: Analysis of the pope's U.S. visit
Video: Pope meets with sex abuse victims
Photo Essay: Pope Benedict XVI in New York

Thursday, April 17

Video: Pope speaks before religious leaders at Catholic University of America
Video: Pope does not attend White House dinner in his honor
Photo Essay: Pope Benedict XVI in Washington, D.C.
Video: Pope addresses sex abuse scandal
Video: Pope Benedict XVI's D.C. homily
Video: Thousands in D.C. watch pope pass in popemobile

Wednesday, April 16

Video: Pope Benedict XVI addresses U.S. bishops
Video: College students cover the pope's historic U.S. trip
Video: What to do when meeting the pope
Video: Millions expected to spend money on pope's visit
Video: Bush, pope discuss 'troubled regions'
Video: Popemobile on Washington streets
Video: Insight into Benedict's leadership style
Video: Pope remarks on America and freedom
Video: Arrival ceremony for Pope Benedict XVI on the South Lawn
Video: Pope: 'God bless America'
Video: President Bush welcomes pope to White House
Video: Planning for a meeting with the pope

Tuesday, April 15

Video: Bill O'Reilly's 'Talking Points': Attacking the pope
Video: Dennis Miller on pope bashing
Video: Pope's visit to New York synagogue to be a first
Video: Pope addresses sex abuse in church
Video: U.S. chief of protocol on greeting the pope
Video: President Bush greets pope at Andrews Air Force Base
Photo Essay: Pope Benedict XVI arrives in U.S.
Video: What message will Pope Benedict XVI bring to U.S.?
Video: White House prepares for the pope's visit
Video: Pope Benedict XVI leaves Italy for U.S.
Photo Essay: Pope Embarks on Historic U.S. Visit

Monday, April 14

Video: Pope Benedict XVI's U.S. visit has serious mission
Video: Tight security for pope's visit
Video: Youth group gets tickets to see pope
Video: Pope Benedict XVI to encourage U.S. Catholics
Video: Preview of pope's trip to D.C., New York

Sunday, April 13

Video: NYPD pulls out all the stops ahead of pope visit
Photo Essay: Past Popes and Presidents

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