4-Year-Old With Liver Disease Small, Malnourished Despite High-Calorie Diet

Brianna Jeffries may love eating things like pancakes and her grandma's fried chicken, but the 4-year-old remains woefully underweight and malnourished because her liver has all but shut down, it is reported by the Chicago Sun-Times.

Brianna has a rare cancer-like condition that destroyed the bile ducts in her liver, making it impossible for her body to absorb the fat from food she eats.

Doctors at the University of Chicago's Comer Children's Hospital say she must undergo a liver transplant if she ever hopes to grow to a normal height and weight, it is reported.

Brianna was 2 when she was diagnosed with Langerhans cell histiocytosis, which causes an overproduction of a type of white blood cell in her liver and other organs, the report said. She has been undergoing chemotherapy for the condition and is on a waiting list for a liver.

She eats a high-calorie diet and drinks three PediaSure nutritional drinks a day, but remains underweight at just 31 pounds.

Veronica Jeffries, who adopted Brianna after her birth mother abandoned her at the hospital just after she was born, remains concerned but hopeful that a donor will be found. "We're waiting on God for her miracle to happen," she told the Sun-Times.

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