Counselor at Camp for Soldiers' Kids Charged With Teaching 'Choking Game' to Two Boys

Authorities say a 17-year-old camp counselor has been arrested after teaching the so-called "choking game" to two boys that passed out for several minutes.

Ronald Edward Riley of Saluda was being held Friday at a Clarendon County jail on $30,000 bail. He was arrested at his high school earlier this week on assault and unlawful conduct charges.

Jail officials say they don't know if Riley has an attorney. Also, the sheriff's department didn't immediately provide arrest warrants.

Riley was a counselor at a Clarendon County camp for children of deployed soldiers or those preparing to go overseas.

Authorities say the counselor put his hands around a boy's neck and choked him unconscious twice. A second boy also told authorities Riley choked him until he passed out.

The Centers for Disease Control said earlier this year that 82 children had died from the "choking game," a growing fad among youth for the euphoric, dreamlike feeling that people get as blood rushes back to the brain.