Company Says It Will Pull Water Bottles Made With Bisphenol-A From Stores

The maker of Nalgene water bottles in the United States has decided to pull some of its hard-plastic bottles from stores over the next few months.

The company says it is responding to increasing consumer concern over bisphenol, an ingredient known as B-P-A, and whether the chemical poses a health risk. The manufacturer says it will substitute its Nalgene Outdoor bottles, a line that does not contain B-P-A.

The news comes as the Canadian government announced it is moving to ban use of the chemical in baby bottles.

B-P-A is also found in food-can liners and hundreds of other household items. It's been been linked to neurological and behavioural problems in babies, along with some cancers, diabetes and obesity.

The chemical industry says any B-P-A that could come from the bottles is too little to harm humans.

But critics point to an influx of animal studies linking low doses to a wide variety of ailments.