Can you imagine walking around with a broken leg for 50 years?

That's exactly what a 70-year-old man in Wales has been doing, it is being reported.

According to The Sun, Roy Calloway was stunned when a recent X-ray revealed he's had a busted leg for the past five decades.

The retired steel worker thought the chronic pain was a side effect of a motorcycle crash back in 1958.

At the time, he spent six months in a hospital and two years on crutches as doctors tried to reset the fractures — but it turned out his femur, tibia and fibula bones had never fused back together properly, it is being reported.

"I’ve been living in agony for half a century," Calloway told The Sun.

"The pain had been intolerable for so long it was part of my life. It came as a complete shock when I saw the leg was still broken — but it explains a lot."

According to the report, doctors told Calloway he could have surgery to correct the problem, but he's not too keen on the idea after suffering from other serious health problems, including a heart attack and five strokes.

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