CAITLIN HAMMAREN: 'We had a lot in common from high school: We both loved to sing. She was just a really warm person and I wanted to be around her.'

EMILY HILSCHER: 'The best way to describe Emily is strong-willed; she was one of the strongest people I ever knew.'

LAUREN MCCAIN: 'Lauren would raise her hand and pose a question or pose an idea that really made you ponder, that really made you think, 'Wow, I never even thought of that' and here you are one step ahead.'

G.V. LOGANTHAN: 'He was a great guy. He was kind of dorky but that's why everybody liked him the best.'

BRIAN BLUHM: 'He was a great guy, always making jokes. You spend a lot of time with your TA. We all got to know him really well.'

JEREMY HERBSTRITT: 'He cared so much about teaching us and making sure we understood the material. I can remember one class that he actually went and re-taught the lab before everyone got bad grades.'

LIVIU LIBRESCU: 'I think about Dr. Librescu. I think about the strength that he had, the passion he had for what he was doing.'

KEVIN GRANATA: 'He had never coached lacrosse before. He was a baseball guy. He would even bring a baseball glove to practice, which is kinda weird and funny at the same time -- uh, baseball and lacrosse kinda clash.'

MICHAEL POHLE: 'In my mind is just seeing Mike, uh, in his element at The Nerve, just flipping shakers and mixing drinks and the New Jersey Turnpike, which could be the grossest drink you could ever imagine.'

REEMA SAMAHA: 'Reema was always the type who was so smart, I mean, academically prepared for everything.'

MATTHEW GWALTNEY: 'He had this funny ritual. He would have to swish a free throw and a three-pointer back-to-back before he left. I would be in there for 30 minutes and he was just the purest shooter.'

RYAN CLARK: 'You know he'd always make up a dance to some drum cadence or doing something stupid in the back.'

MARY READ: 'I always passed her doorway and she always had it opened and her desk was right next to the door and she would always smile when I walked by.'

ERIN PETERSON: 'She was such a goofball. She was so funny. I mean, Erin could keep you laughing forever.'

JAMIE BISHOP: 'He felt more like a friend than a professor. Like, I mean, I had many, many conversations with him before class or after class about everything from football to Germany-like experiences.'