Report: Gore, Carter Want Clinton Out

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MEGYN KELLY, CO-HOST: Well, he may have served as Bill Clinton's vice president, but according to a new report in "The Scotsman" newspaper, Al Gore wants Hillary out of the White House race. And get this, he is reportedly working in cahoots with former president Jimmy Carter to make it happen. Could this be true?

FOX News political analyst Kirsten Powers joins us now with some answers. All right, Kirsten. So this is a newspaper that's broken some real political news in the past. They broke the story of Samantha Power who worked for the Obama campaign and she got booted for calling Hillary a monster. They say they're working together. They've already, quote, "held high-level discussions about getting Hillary out."

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POWERS: No. And I think — and also, they didn't really break the story. Samantha Power just happened to be talking to them when she said stuff. So it's not like you had some great sources. It's just not true. Gore's office has been trying to get this retracted.

There's just nothing to it. And even if — let's just pretend it was true, it wouldn't work. Hillary Clinton is not going to listen to Al Gore and Jimmy Carter. They don't have the zero sway over her. If she gets out of the race, when she gets out of the race, it will be because she decided to get out. And she simply will not do it because of anything Al Gore or Jimmy Carter says.

KELLY: All right. But let me ask you this, because "The Scotsman" says that a source close to Carter told the newspaper that, in fact, they are having these discussions. So they say at least one person has reported. Indeed, there's been a talk.

POWERS: Yes, well, Gore's office says there aren't and I know people ...

KELLY: But what are they ...

POWERS: No, I know people who are close to him, and I've talked to them and it is not happening. Now, I can't speak for Carter and maybe he thinks he has that kind of sway, but he doesn't. The other thing that they say and I've heard other people speculate that whoever Gore endorsed, and then all the other superdelegates would fall in line.

KELLY: Right.

POWERS: I also don't think — I mean, (A) it's nothing that I have heard that Gore thinking of doing but (B), even if he did do it, I don't think that superdelegates are going to follow Al Gore.

KELLY: Even if Al Gore — that's what they say; option number two is for both of them — Carter and Gore — to come out and publicly endorse Obama. That wouldn't open the floodgates of all Obama ...

POWERS: Let's just pretend he does that tomorrow. I don't think with what's going on right now with Obama that anybody's going to be coming out. In fact, a superdelegate came out today and endorsed Hillary Clinton in Montana because of the remarks that Obama made. So I think people are looking for some sort of, you know, a silver bullet here and it's just not coming.

KELLY: Is there anybody who could talk her out of this race?

POWERS: Bill Clinton.

KELLY: That's it?

POWERS: Yes. I really think Bill Clinton and maybe some of her close aides, but ultimately, it's Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton that will make this decision.

KELLY: All right. So you heard it here, Kirsten Powers on the record here saying this is not going to happen. Folks, you're not going to see Carter and Gore come out and push Hillary out of the race. Thank you, Ma'am.

POWERS: Thank you.

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