Couple Faces Controversy Trying to Conceive Baby to Save Son's Life

Pam and Michael Obadia are hoping for a miracle.

At 47 years old, Pam Obadia knows her chances for conceiving a baby are slim, but "there are such things as miracles, so we are going to hope for that," she told CBC News on Monday.

The British Columbia, Canada, couple are trying to conceive a child so they can use the umbilical cord’s stem cells to save their son Ben, 8, who is battling leukemia, CBC News reported.

The process is called pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, according to CBC News, and the embryos would have to be pre-screened before in-vitro fertilization so that the couple could be sure an embryo matched Ben’s tissue type.

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If the process is successful and Pam Obadia carries to term, the baby’s umbilical cord blood then would be infused into Ben’s bone marrow.

Fertility clinics in Vancouver, however, do not want to do the procedure, saying Pam Obadia is too old, she said. So the couple is planning to go to Chicago and will pay $25,000 of their own money to have the procedure since their health plan won't cover the expense.

Said Michael Obadia: "There are a few ethical questions, but when you are trying to save another child, to us, anyway, there is not a question."

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