Teens Who Nearly Lost Hands in Tug-of-War Accident Playing Flute, Video Games Again

A teen whose right hand was partially severed during a tug-of-war at a high school pep rally is playing the flute again and doing better than doctors expected, six months after the accident.

Henry Barrett and Mitch Helfer both had their right hands partially severed in the tug-of-war in October.

Barrett said he remembered hearing a "snap" and realizing almost immediately his right hand was bleeding and numb.

"It turned the muscles into hamburgers and severed 90 percent of the nerves. What wasn't severed was severely traumatized. Three bones were snapped clean in half," said Barrett.

The accident set the 11th grader back nearly a semester in school work, but he is playing video games again and using his right hand to do homework.

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