Incest Couple: Society Has a Problem, Not Us

A father and daughter who had a child together say it is society that has a problem with their incestuous relationship and they are OK with it.

John and Jenny Deaves from South Australia caused controversy after admitting on national television last week that they had a 9-month-old daughter together.

"It's everybody else out there in society that has the problem, we don't have the problem," Jenny Deaves said on Australia's "60 Minutes" Sunday night.

"If you've got something to say, say it for Christ's sake," her father, John, said. "Don't go attacking the kids or the car or anything else, it's not the Australian way."

"We're sure once people get to know us they'll realize that we're not going to pass on any disease to them, we're not going to bite their head off and we're not nasty terrible people," Jenny Deaves said.

The couple spoke Sunday about the death of their first child, Jackson, in 2001.

John Deaves said the death of the four-day-old boy from a heart defect had nothing to do with the genetics of their relationship.

"There's dozens of babies born every year that have this complaint or similar complaints," he said.

The current affairs program, aired on Australia's Channel 9, has been under attack after the station's news and current affairs boss admitted viewers did not get the full story on last week's show.

News chief John Westacott said that "on balance" the program should have included the fact that the couple's previous son had died.

"'60 Minutes' knew about the birth of the first child and doctors believe it wasn't because of the father-daughter relationship [that the baby died] but, on balance, it would have been better to include that fact," Westacott said on Saturday.

The couple have previously been convicted of incest and put on three-year good-behavior bonds which stipulate they not have sex.

Police are investigating whether the channel paid the couple for the interview, breaching laws under which criminals cannot benefit financially from their offenses.