Girl, 18, Started Drinking at 12, Had Liver Failure at 14

She started drinking alcohol at the age of 12. One year later, Natasha Farnham was drinking up to six bottles of wine a day.

And even when she was diagnosed with liver failure at the age of 14, Farnham, of Twerton in Bath, Somerset, England, didn’t stop drinking.

In fact, she was rushed to the hospital after drinking 16 bottles of wine, hard cider and other alcoholic beverages over the course of three days.

Now, at the age of 18, Farnham has entered rehab and suffers from permanent memory loss, it is being reported by London’s Daily Mail.

“I didn’t think my drinking was a problem because all my friends were getting wasted every weekend as well,” Farnham told the newspaper. “But, now I have no short-term memory and doctors warn me that if I drink anymore I will die.”

Farnham hopes her story will reach other teenagers who think it is OK to drink alcohol.

The teenager, who dropped out of school at the age of 14, is unemployed. It was only after she was charged with burglary that she decided to enter rehab, she said.

Farnham takes medicine daily to reverse the effects of her failing liver.

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