Navy Officer Describes Paid Sex While Working for D.C. Madam

A Navy officer has described for a Washington jury how she worked as a call girl while also serving as a supply officer at the Naval Academy.

Lt. Cmdr. Rebecca Dickinson testified Thursday that she had sex for money while working for Deborah Palfrey's escort service, according to The Washington Post.

She testified she quit in April 2006 because she didn't like the work and because she had other commitments.

Palfrey has said she was unaware that the escorts were having sex for money. She says the business was an erotic fantasy service.

Twelve other admitted call girls and three former customers have testified this week at Palfrey's trial. Palfrey is charged with racketeering, money laundering and mail fraud.

Dickinson is on leave from the Navy.

Testimony resumes Monday.

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