Mother in Need of Transplant Denied Dead Daughter's Kidney

When Rachel Leake developed kidney failure from diabetes complications, her daughter, Laura Ashworth, volunteered to give her one of her own kidneys.

But, when Ashworth, 21, died suddenly of brain damage due to a suspected asthma attack, her kidneys were instead donated to strangers; it is being reported by London’s Daily Mail.

Her family, who knew of Ashworth’s desire, pleaded with authorities to reverse the decision before it was too late – but to no avail.

“I am angry, really angry,” said Leake, 39, of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

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One kidney went to a Sheffield man, another to a man in London.

Apparently, Ashworth was on the organ donor registry, but had never formally recorded who she would give her kidney to.

Now, Leake, who is caring for Ashworth’s two-year-old daughter, Macie, is on a transplant list and must undergo dialysis three times a week.

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