'Gossip Girl' Ad Campaign Features Sex and Foul Slang Term

The CW is launching a new campaign for the TV show "Gossip Girl" using an image of two characters having sex, and one version is branded with letters that represent an obscene slang term, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The tamer version of the ad uses "OMG," which stands for "Oh My God."

But the second ad uses the letters "OMFG," which adds the f-bomb to the mix.

The image is taken from the show's pilot.

The ads are designed to promote "Gossip Girl," which returns to original episodes April 21 after its writers strike-induced hiatus.

The images hit the Internet a few days after the conservative watchdog group Parents Television Council targeted the CW for an anti-indecency campaign. The PTC is encouraging its members to file FCC complaints about a scene on "America's Next Top Model" that showed pixilated nudity.

"We wanted to create a provocative campaign that stands out from the competition and reminds viewers of some of the 'OMG' moments that have made Gossip Girl one of the most buzzed-about new shows on television," the CW said in a statement. "This sexy, sophisticated campaign speaks directly to our adult 18-34 viewers using expressions that are part of their lexicon."

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