Cheney Photo Causes Stir on Internet

The Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese and the Illinois-shaped corn flake appear to have new competition for webbies' fascination: Dick Cheney's mysterious sunglasses.

An undated photo of the vice president on the White House Web site has caused a stir on the Internet, causing some people to wonder if he's in eyeshot of an unclad female.

The White House says it's just someone holding an innocuous fishing rod (the veep -- allegedly -- is fly fishing in Idaho).

Click here to see the White House photo essay containing the photo.

"Clearly the picture shows a hand casting a rod," Cheney spokeswoman Meagan Mitchell said, according to the McClatchy newspapers.

By punching in "Cheney" and "sunglasses" into a Web browser, viewed these headlines, among many:

"Is the reflection in Dick Cheney's sunglasses a naked woman?"

"Naked woman reflected in Dick Cheney's sunglasses."

"Dick Cheney's shades reflect a strange being."

"Naked chick makes Dick Cheney smile."

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Here's what some FOX Fans are saying:

“It looks exactly like a hand holding a fishing rod. Imagine that.” — Steven (Brandon, MS)

“If this doesn’t prove beyond a doubt, the existence of extraterrestrial life, and a government conspiracy to cover it up, I don’t know what will!” — Joe (Fort Worth, TX)

“Maybe it's an Obama girl?” — Jeremiah (Chicago, IL)

“It is a hand holding a fly fishing rod.” — Josh (Lowell, AR)

“It looks like someone is giving him the middle finger?” — Danny

“I think it’s a combo of his arm with the fishing rod and the photographer – dressed in light clothing.” — Cheryl

“It’s obvious…it’s a reporter or aide.” — Chad

“It looks like half of the Boy Scout salute.” — John (Vandergrift, PA)

“It looks to me like someone is holding up one of those Academy Award trophies up for him to look at.” — Bill and Nancy

“It is clear to see in his glasses someone’s right arm with a blue, checkered long sleeve shirt holding a fishing pole. You can see the right thumb lying over the top of the fishing pole.” — Griff

“I think it looks like a foreshortened view of a horse. In the glass on the right it looks like a horse head with a white stripe down the nose, a bridle across the nose and two little ears at the top. I think secret service would tackle anyone taking pictures in the vicinity of the Vice President and a naked woman!” — Amy

“Let’s take this a step further and speculate that perhaps it is Elvis himself.” — Jeff (Ashburn, VA)

“You have got to be kidding me. You can make ANYTHING look real via computer technology. Though I could care less about Dick Cheney, I'm sure this is just a set up by some idiot with too much time on their hands.” — C.Q.

“I think it is the bow of a boat with a trolling motor on it.” — Su (Cleveland, MS)

“I think people focus to much on the little things and should find something more important to worry about than what is in Dick Cheney's glasses. Whoever started this needs to get a life.” — Chellee

“A statue of some kind.” — Betty

“It looks like a naked person to me, but I can’t tell if it is a male or female.” — Ricky

“It’s his hand holding a fishing pole. Nice try.” — Paul

“It's Bert from the Muppets!” — Richard

“A dog pulling a stick.” — R.M.

“Get your mind out of the gutters, people! The person in the sunglasses has a bathing suit or some tank top on that is tan in color. You can see it around the neck.” — Lorena

“A fish just caught on the Snake River in Swan Valley, Idaho.” — Patrick (Powers, OR)

“It is someone holding a snake.” — Rob

“Looks to me like he is smoking a cigar driving a golf cart.” — Zachary

“Looks to me like a photographer holding up a strobe flash unit.” — Seid

“It’s an alien from Uranus.” — Jonathan (Arizona)

“It's a picture of someone's hand, possibly flipping someone off, possibly a peace/victory or No. 1 sign. It extends from an arm with an off-white long sleeve of a shirt or jacket.” — Alison

“Archery.” — A proud Texas girl

“Could the image be the French First Lady?” — Chuck (Olean, NY)

“The reflection is a hand on a helm (steering wheel) of a sail boat. You can see the bright stainless steel helm, a hand, and the cuff of a shirt or jacket.” — Mark

“Looks like he is watching a guitarist play in front of a microphone.” — Jeff

“Interesting. It appears what is in the shades as far as an image is inside while he is outside. So it looks like someone put the image on his shades.” — Paul

“Who cares? He's an adult.” — Peter

“He is probably looking at a gas station sign and enjoying the high price of fuel we are paying!” — Catherine (Maumee, OH)

“It's obviously someone fishing wearing light, light brown colors that match the fall/winter woods. So, get your minds out of the gutter!” — David (Phoenix, AZ)

“The image looks like a hand holding a rifle.” — Franklin

“It looks like a naked man or a really flat-chested woman.” — Mark

“Photoshop, Photoshop, Photoshop.” — Chris

“Looks like a naked man to me.” — Cheryl

“Interesting reflection, but this is nothing more than a reflection of a right arm, long sleeve shirt, with the right hand holding a fishing rod. The sunlight is highlighting the right thumb and thumbnail and the top of the right index finger. Kudos to VP Cheney for having a sexy thumb knuckle.” — HRobinson (Birmingham, AL )

“Looks to me like he’s fishing.” — Jeff

“Of course it's a fly rod. Good grief, something is made out of nothing!” — Mary Anne

“Maybe it's Hillary? Or, maybe Monica Lewinski?” — Andrew

“Who cares? Seriously.” — Lori

“It is pretty clear from the right lens that that is a right hand gripping a pole. The right thumb comprising what appears to be a person.” — Renee

“Ask whoever took the picture.” — Tad (Lancaster, PA )

“That is without a doubt someone’s arm with a white shirt on. His hand is extended and he is holding something in it. An object that is vertical in the hand. What looks like female body parts are actually the knuckles in someone’s hand as they clutch the object.” — Charlie

“Looks like an arm holding a fishing pole.” — Alan

“The reflection on Vice President Dick Cheney's shades is nothing more than Jack Bauer from 24, holding Cheney at gunpoint.” — Paul

“It's a picture of him (or somebody near him) casting a fishing pole.” — Chris (Branson, MO)

“Looks a little like a praying mantis to me.” — Kathy

“Looks like someone (the image in the glasses) is bow hunting, or could be at an archery range. Don't make something out of it that is not there. Look at the near lens and you can see the shoulder, extended arm, hand and the bow.” — L.N.

“The picture of Cheney has his glasses reflecting someone in a white, long sleeved shirt holding something up. It appears to be a man's hand from the size and shape of the thumb and knowing the VPs favorite sport, I would assume that the object being displayed is some game bird.” — Ronny

“That's totally a male torso.” — Megan (New York, NY)

“It looks like someone’s arm to me. You can see in Cheney’s left lens (on right side of photo) the white shirt going down to the wrist. I think the part in question is someone’s knuckles wrapped around something.” — Jayson (Dallas, TX)

“That's someone on a golf cart, flipping him the bird or showing him a cut on the end of his finger.” — Greg (Crossett, AR)

“A nude woman.” — Don