Alcohol-Busting Breath Mint 'AntiPoleez' Raising Eyebrows

A Brooklyn, N.Y., company is marketing a breath mint that may be so curiously strong it is raising eyebrows of concerned consumers.

It’s called "AntiPoleez," and is advertised as a way to eliminate bad breath caused by alcohol, tobacco and food, My FOX New York reports.

Critics say the name and marketing angle could promote alcohol abuse, leading people to believe they can pass a police breath test, or encourage underage kids to drink alcohol and attempt to cover it up. The company’s president denies that is the intention of his product.

The Swiss president of the company, RNY Group, says he needed a solution to a personal problem. He likes to drink but his girlfriend is vehemently against it. He decided to come up with something that would cover the alcohol on his breath when he was around her.

The mints contain a mixture of sweeteners and ammonium chloride. They are sold online and in convenience stores in New York City and around the country, My FOX New York reports.

Retired NYPD detective Bill Stanton says the mints are taking "fuzz buster" to the next level: "Cops are professionals, and they will be able to read between the lines, candy or no candy."

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