Pacemaker Saves Baby Supposed to Live 15 Minutes

Ann Collier and Andy King were told their son would not live more than 15 minutes.

But Liam King, who was born with a heart defect, persevered.

When he was 5 days old he was fitted with a pacemaker, London's Daily Mail reported.

King, 26, said the electrical system between his son’s heart chambers was not working properly, and the condition was diagnosed when Collier, 21, of Cwm, Blaenau Gwent, South Wales, was pregnant.

"He didn’t cry when he was born and we thought he was dead," King said. "He was actually sleeping and they gave him a bit of oxygen to give him a boost and he started crying."

After the operation, Liam stopped breathing and had to be revived three times; however, he has since recovered from the surgery and is at home with his parents and brother.

He will have to have three more operations at the ages of 5, 12 and 21 as he outgrows the pacemaker.

"We never thought we would see the day when we brought him home," King said. "It is just a miracle."

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