Woman Who Weighed 27 Pounds Finally Gaining Weight

A 26-year-old British woman whose weight reportedly dropped to about 27 pounds after she walked up to 12 hours a day is finally gaining weight, according to London's Daily Mail.

Lauren Baily obsessively walked from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. in an effort to lose more weight. By 2006, Baily’s weight was that of an average five-year-old, the Daily Mail reported.

In an attempt to beat the disease, she checked herself into a hospital, where she spent 18 months. Even in the hospital, she would obsessively walk, she said.

“I have always suffered from anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder since I was a child,” she told the newspaper.

Bailey, who said she still has some problems but “is enjoying life now,” said the media sends mixed messages to women about body shapes.

“It annoys me that these magazines complain about size zero celebrities, and then the next minute they go on about slimming down for summer,” she told the Daily Mail. “I want to give others hope that they can get over anorexia and rebuild their lives.

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