South Carolina Police ID Woman Whose Cut-Off Limbs Were Found

Greenville County, S.C., authorities say that severed hands and feet found in separate bags this week on a porch belong to a 34-year-old woman who is likely dead.

Greenville County Coroner Parks Evans says the body parts were cut from Mekole Michelle Harris. He says fingerprints were used to identify the body parts.

Evans says he doesn't know how the body parts were cut or whether it was done after Harris died. He also says there was no obvious connection between Harris and where the limbs were found. Her last known address was a boarding house in the city.

Police are looking for the rest of the body.

Police say the woman who found Harris' severed hands on her Greenville, S.C., apartment porch called 911 to report them, reported.

"It's scary to know that people can do something like that," Calvin Little Jr., a resident at the apartment complex told FOXCarolina. "I told (the woman) that I didn't hear anything or see anybody go upstairs."

A second bag of body parts containing Harris' feet were found at a vacant house, police said.

"When I saw that bag, I just knew that something didn't seem right," Andrea Young, who lives near the vacant house, told FOXCarolina.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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