Florida Man Ordered to Stay Away From Homeless After Alleged Chainsaw Incident

A Florida man who allegedly took violent measures to keep criminals off the streets has been ordered to stay away from five homeless men, the Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Monday.

Broward County Judge Julio Gonzalez Jr. handed down the order after allegations from known local criminals that Stephen Sticht, 49, of Fort Lauderdale, chased them with a chainsaw while threatening their lives, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

"If nothing is done about this, one of us is going to end up dead," said James Brown, one of the five men.

Sticht, who was arrested in 1999 in connection with allegations, contends he is only trying to keep his neighborhood safe.

"This isn't a homeless problem; this is a crack-head problem," Sticht said in a recent interview. "These people just aren't down there taking a nap. They are petty thieves. They break into cars, prostitute themselves."

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