Ex-Cop Drew Peterson Claims Neighbor 'Detained' His Son to Take Photo

Former police Sgt. Drew Peterson recently accused his next-door neighbor of "detaining" his young son, according to a report.

Peterson said Sharon Bychowski, his neighbor and best friend of his missing wife, Stacy Peterson, took a photo of his son Anthony on Sunday afternoon.

Bychowski said Anthony rode his bicycle onto her driveway to visit with Stacy's sister, Cassandra Cales.

"It was ridiculous," Bychowski told the Herald News. "We took a picture of him and his Auntie Cassandra."

Peterson is a suspect in his wife's October disappearance. He denies any wrongdoing and has not been charged.

"They had my 4-year-old, Anthony, surrounded in Sharon's driveway, taking his picture," Peterson told the Herald News.

Joel Brodsky, Peterson's attorney, claims Bychowski and her son, Roy Taylor, threatened Peterson through Internet postings. Bychowski said Peterson has a garage-door opener she had given Stacy.

Brodsky said the photo could be grounds for a felony charge.

"If they cornered the child, as Drew said, that would be (a felony crime of) unlawful restraint," Brodsky told the Herald News.

The Bolingbrook Police Department referred the matter to the state's attorney's office.

"In the photo, he [Anthony] doesn't appear he's being held against his will," Lt. Ken Teppel of the Bolingbrook Police Department told the Herald News. "They both have their arms around each other and they're smiling."

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