Body Found in Colorado Thought to Be Jersey Man Who Disappeared in Blizzard Two Months Ago

Police in Breckenridge said a body found incased in snow and ice in a field appears to be a New Jersey man missing for nearly two months.

Authorities resumed a search for Alphonse "Michael" Barbiere, 23, after a resident found a credit card Friday belonging to Barbiere along the side of a highway.

A search team found a body at about 9 a.m Saturday in a nearby field. Police said they believe the body is Barbiere based on matching clothing.

"We had pictures of the clothing he was wearing," police spokeswoman Kim Green said. "And the family had provided us with an identical jacket to the one he was wearing."

Green said the jacket matched a jacket on the body.

By noon, authorities exhumed the body after hours of work to remove it from the ice. Green said the Summit County Coroner was working to positively identify the body.

Barbiere has been missing since Feb. 9 when friends reported him missing after he did not return from an evening at a bar in the resort town. At the time, police said Barbiere was "highly intoxicated" when he left Cecilia's Bar and walked into blizzard condition.

About 60 searchers and three dogs looked for him in a half-mile radius from the bar. Police suspended the search two on Feb. 11.

The bar is about a half-mile from the Stephen C. West Ice Arena near where authorities found the body.

Breckenridge assistant chief Greg Morrison said the man who tipped police had been searching the town for Barbiere. Morrison did not give the man's name.

"He had taken it upon himself to be searching," Morrison said. "There had been a $10,000 reward and he expressed knowledge of that reward."