Obama Must Beat Hillary Before She Quits

What I did on my vacation: In airports and on beaches I bumped into a lot of "Obamans" — that happy troop of very hopeful people who are on the very edge of their seats watching the drama with their man and that woman. "Is he going to win it?" they'd ask earnestly.

I'd say I've been taking math lessons from smart people lately and, to borrow the GWB phrase, it is "fuzzy math."

The consensus of experts and pundits seems to be that it is technically possible for Hillary Clinton to win the nomination, by hook or by crook, and consequently, the game is not over yet. Therefore Obamans should probably quit yelping that she should quit now.

The reason is the arcane and decidedly un-democratic Democrat Party superdelegate system, which was designed to trump the will of the Democrat primary voter. A weird rule designed for the good of the party, which had quite enough of McGovern primary victories and November burials, thank you.

So, as of this moment we're being told the decider could be North Carolina, unless Hillary does not win Pennsylvania, in which case she could be done April 23. But, if she wins Pennsylvania as she should, she can still convince superdelegates Obama is McGovern and take the nomination in the backrooms of Denver at the very end of the summer.

Obama, therefore, has to slog on to September, at least, as fatigued as the young shock troops of hope and unity may be. They have the popular vote, they have the most contests, they have the most pledged delegates, they may even have the most superdelegates, but Hilllary still has a chance because the clock is still running.

The Democrat Party's superdelegate system was devised in part by our friend Geraldine Ferraro, who quite forthrightly admits it was designed to interject adult "judgment" into the party's occasional fit of youthful enthusiasm.

On my radio show I frequently say to African-American callers, "One reason you might want to consider being a Republican is that if an African-American were to win the nomination, he or she would actually get it."

The Democrats built rules into their system that make it possible to deny the winner the win.

So in the airports and beaches where I encountered Obamans, eyes all a-twinkle at the possibility of President Barack, they would also ask, "Is she going to steal it?" as if I had inside information straight from Brit Hume and Chris Wallace.

I'd smile, thinking about President McCain and Vice President What's-His-Name and I'd say, "Well, your party rules do make it a possibility."

Three separate Obamans I met said the same thing, the light in their eyes darkening just a bit: "I’m so worried about that."

And they should be.

That's My Word.

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