Job Interview Follow-Up by Microsoft's Warren Ashton

Q: What's the best way to follow-up? (i.e., e-mail/written thank you note)

A: After an interview it's always a good idea to reach out to your recruiter and the hiring manager thanking them for the opportunity. It shows interest and follow-through on the part of the candidate and is one more thing you can do to stand out in a crowd of applicants. Microsoft recruiters will also follow up with every candidate we talk to and give them a full update on their status and next steps. It's important that candidates know what to expect next, and Microsoft is very diligent about this.

Q: How can someone impress you in their follow-up thank you note?

A:A thank you note that reminds the recruiter of an accomplishment you've hit in your career is good. Something that reminds them that you're an outstanding applicant and someone who stands out in a crowd given your capabilities and follow-through.

Q: Do you follow up if you don't receive the job?

A:In terms of a company contacting a prospective employee, every candidate receives a follow-up communication from Microsoft recruiting with information on next steps, regardless of the outcome of an interview process. This is done usually over the phone, but may involve e-mail or other communications as preferred by the candidate.

Warren Ashton is the Group Marketing Manager/Staffing Marketing at Microsoft Corp. He is responsible for Microsoft’s recruitment communications programs. • Visit Microsoft Corp. Career Web site

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