Utah Man Charged in Las Vegas Ricin Case

A federal grand jury indicted a Utah man in the investigation of ricin, a deadly poison found in a Las Vegas motel room.

Thomas Tholen was indicted on a charge of misprison of felony. U.S. Attorney Brett Tolman says the Riverton man knew that ricin had been produced but did not report it to federal authorities and concealed his knowledge.

Tholen is the cousin of Roger Bergendorff, who apparently was poisoned by ricin and suffered respiratory ailments. He regained consciousness March 12 after about a month in a Las Vegas hospital.

A brother, Erich Bergendorff, has said it's not clear if Roger Bergendorff made the ricin or watched someone else make the powder.

Tholen was collecting Bergendorff's belongings from the motel room on Feb. 28 when he gave a motel manager a plastic bag containing several vials of what turned out to be ricin powder.