Nepal Police Detain Tibetan Exiles in Anti-Chinese Protest

Police detained around 50 Tibetan exiles in the Nepalese capital Wednesday after they staged a second day of protests in front of the heavily guarded Chinese Embassy, witnesses said.

Protesters chanting "Stop killing in Tibet!" grabbed onto each others' arms as they approached the main entrance of the embassy compound, where they were quickly surrounded by police. Baton-wielding officers dragged the demonstrators into waiting vans.

Tibetan exiles have rallied almost daily in Nepal since March 10 anti-government riots in their homeland, but they demonstrated for the first time Tuesday in front of China's main embassy building in Katmandu. Security has been stepped up since then.

Each protest has been broken up by police, who have orders not to allow demonstrations against China — a key trading partner that assists with some development work in the Himalayan nation. Detained protesters are usually freed at night and are not charged or taken to court.

Nepal has been criticized for using excessive force to quell the anti-Chinese protests and for not allowing peaceful demonstrations.