Explosive Materials Found in Man's Luggage at Orlando Airport

A man was detained Tuesday at Orlando International Airport carrying materials in his luggage that could have been used for an explosive device, the FBI said on Tuesday.

Jamaican national Kevin Brown, 32, planned to board Air Jamaica flight 80 to Jamaica, until he was questioned by airport authorities, the FBI said in a statement.

A subsequent search of Browns checked baggage by airport authorities revealed two galvanized pipes, end caps, two small containers containing BBs, batteries, two containers with an unknown liquid, laptop, and bomb making literature, according to the FBI.

According to MyFOXOrlando.com, several ticket counters in the area were closed and a portion of the terminal roped off while members of the bomb squad searched the Brown's bags. He was taken into custody and turned over to the FBI.

A total of 11 flights were delayed including the Air Jamaica flight Brown originally planned to fly. After passengers were re-screened the flight was able to depart for Montego Bay about two hours late, MyFOXOrlando reports.

The TSA confirmed that a bomb squad was at the scene.

U.S. Rep. John Mica, a Florida Republican who was briefed on the incident, said, "He did have within his luggage components of materials that could have been used for an explosive device."

Mica says Brown possessed "some components where some serious damage could be done."

“The outstanding thing about this,” Mica told MyFOXOrlando, “is mechanisms which were put in place that were shifted out to a behavior analyses program. Based on the initial information I have is it appears that this worked very well in detecting someone who did pose a threat.”

Mica would not go so far as do call the incident a terrorist act. He did however say that it was very disturbing.

“From what I understand,” Mica said. “And what was described, if it’s confirmed, this posed a very serious threat to aviation security.”

The Associated Press contributed to this story.

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