Cops Credit Teen in Capture of California Rape Suspect

San Jose police are crediting a 17-year-old girl with helping them catch a man they say had just raped her neighbor.

Police say Saba Sohail was at home in her family's apartment Monday afternoon when her neighbor burst through the door, naked and bleeding.

As the woman told the teen that she had just been raped, the suspected rapist appeared in the doorway.

Police say Sohail — who stands 5-foot-4-inches tall — scared off the suspect. Then she grabbed two kitchen knives and went back into the woman's apartment to rescue her 2-year-old son.

Sohail was able to grab the child and run out, without confronting the man again.

When police arrived, they arrested a man identified as 27-year-old Juanito Antonio Gonzales of San Jose.

Gonzales has been booked on suspicion of sexual assault and burglary.