The Boy Cruise Present Mock Rap Video 'Iroq'

Reminiscent of Sacha Baron Cohen's antics as Ali G, The Boy Cruise's mock rap video "Iroq" pokes fun at rap music while spoofing the Middle East.

“You might not see them on TRL anytime soon, but The Boy Cruise is ready to bring you to tears with their collection of hilarious music videos that just might take them to the top of the charts," the Boy Cruise say on their director’s channel on YouTube.

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"Can they play their own instruments? No. Can they dance? Not really. Can they sing? Sure. Can they make you laugh? Absolutely! Get ready to watch some of the greatest videos of all time from a collection of original, catchy tunes that just might earn these guys a spot opening up for the New Kids on the Block on their reunion tour."

The featured video, which rhymes the word "Iraq" with words like Tupac and Barack, had four comments as of Wednesday, including "See ya on MTV!" and "You're gonna be rich and popular very soon!”