Warehouse Employee Brings Live Pipe Bomb to Work

A Marsh Warehouse employee brought a pipe bomb to work Tuesday, officials said.

Yorktown Marshal Todd St. John said the device was considered a live bomb. The Delaware County bomb squad removed and disposed of the device without incident.

Jarrod Swoveland, 31, told police he received the bomb from a neighbor who found the device in her basement and did not know what to do with it. Delaware County Sheriff George Sheridan Jr. said the neighbor was unaware she lived at the former residence of a convicted bomb maker.

Swoveland told police he took the bomb to work to give it to a police officer and two firefighters who work with him. Police say they received a call just before midnight saying an employee had taken a bomb to the warehouse and put it in a desk drawer.

Swoveland was not charged and was released after questioning by police.

"This was a case of bad judgment," St. John said.

The bomb squad returned to the neighbor's home to make certain it was free of bombs.