Tots Still Living With Mother Who Duct-Taped Them to Chairs, Posted Video on MySpace

She duct-taped her 4 and 6-year old children to chairs and posted the video of them crying with difficulty breathing on her MySpace page.

Yet, Amber Green, 24, and her live-in fiancé Lee Smith, 30, still have the three children, which includes a 2-year-old, living under their supervision. The couple have been free on personal recognizance since their Feb. 21 arraignment in Milford District Court on two counts each of assault and battery, the Boston Herald reports. A pre-trial conference is set to take place next Monday.

Green insists the boy and girl wanted to play with the tape, so she wrapped it around their chest and part of their neck a total of 10 times, according to the Herald.

Despite reports that the Department of Social Services has taken custody of the three youngsters, they continue to reside with their mother and her boyfriend in a decaying one-family structure that permeates with the stench of urine.

The department has come under fire recently for failing to protect a 7-year-old boy who was allegedly burned and urinated on by his mother’s boyfriend, the Herald writes.

A neighbor of the Green’s, speaking on condition of anonymity, said she found the 4-year-old girl sitting outside her house in a soaking dress late one night last summer. “She was covered in urine,” she said.

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