Spring's Hottest Trends

Loved what you saw in the video? Here are all the details on the hottest trends you saw in Spring Trends: Runway to Reality.
Neon Encounter
Neon is everywhere. Of all things to bring back! Don't panic though, scrunchies and tube socks are still a fashion don't. This season however, bright colors are hotter than ever. Go for it big time and buy one bold, bright dress.
Sheer Style
Transparent fabrics and lingerie looks played a major role on the runways this Spring. Not the most wearable trend this season, but it can be done.

With looks like this, you should look to designers for inspiration rather than get intimidated. The key is to look for lots of sheer layers or wear a dress or cami underneath something see-through.
Peace, Love and Wearability
You don't have to burn you bra to feel a little bit 60s this season. Hippies are back and better than ever.

Now don't misunderstand the trend — I'm not talking about tie dye tents and hemp accessories. This updated hippie style is about flowy, feminine dresses paired with a wide slimming belt and sheer, loose-print blouses or tunics worn with your favorite wide leg jeans from Fall.

Everyone can look great in this look and as far as I'm concerned it's always a trend.
Floral and Fabulous
If you buy one thing this season, make it something floral. Now don't be scared, you won't look like a tablecloth or the queen of England. Make sure to pay attention to proportion. If you have a small figure, wear a small pattern, and stick to fluid and soft fabrics like silk and polyester.

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