No April Foolin': Oprah to Interview So-Called Pregnant 'Man'

Although some pooh-poohed it as an April fool’s joke, Oprah promises this week to deliver the world's first television interview this Thursday with a transgendered "man" who claims to be pregnant, according to

Oregon resident Thomas Beatie told "The Advocate" magazine late last month that she is carrying a daughter for herself and her wife Nancy.

Beatie is a transsexual who has undergone reconstructive surgery and testosterone therapy and now considers herself to be a man. Because Beatie still has her reproductive organs she was able to be artificially inseminated once stopping bi-monthly testosterone treatments, she has said.

Beatie said, in a first person account in "The Advocate," that she is officially classified as a male and was allowed to legally marry her wife Nancy.

Billing the interview with Beatie as an "Oprah Show and People Magazine exclusive," also notes that the show's cameras will capture the Beatie having an ultrasound and get an inside look at the couple's plans for the nursery.

Although some have expressed doubt over the pregnancy rumors, including Beatie's neighbors, Dr. Manny Alvarez, managing editor of health for, said it is possible that Beatie could be pregnant.

"Even though in theory this individual is classified as a male and has been living a life as a male, it's absolutely possible for her to have a child if she still possesses the female reproductive organs," said Alvarez.

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