Hogs, Buzzards Unearth Body Believed to Be Missing Pregnant Woman

The decomposed body of a missing 25-year-old pregnant woman from Houston turned up 75 miles north of the city. It was unearthed from a shallow grave by feral hogs and circling buzzards, authorities said.

The body has been sent to the medical examiner's office in Dallas County for official identification. But officials acknowledged Monday that tattoos and clothing helped them identify the body as expectant mother Tierra Adams, missing since late January.

Rose Adams Itive, Adams' mother, said her daughter has "Tierra" tattooed across her stomach. Law enforcement officials told her the body has such a tattoo.

Adams was last seen Jan. 29 following an argument with her boyfriend over her smoking during pregnancy, Adams said.

Walker County Sheriff Clint R. McRae said investigators are interviewing suspects. It could become a capital murder case because of the death of the unborn child.