Classic Swimsuit Fashion, Perfect for Spring Break!

Bathing suit season is creeping up on us but don't panic! Our Homework fitness series will get your body beach ready before you know it. Until then, check out my favorite swimsuit styles for some inspiration.

• Favorite Full Piece

Ladies — we spend year after year desperate to get into a bikini, when some of the sexiest styles are full pieces. You know what I always say, sometimes less is more and in this case we're talking exposure. There's nothing more elegant than a sleek full style that not only looks great but smoothes out your tummy and gives you ample support. Styles that are cut high at the hip will make your legs look longer and low cut necklines are ultra-sexy. Finally, try prints and embellishment like rings and ruffles for a unique summer style.

• Tankini

The tankini is a great way to achieve the look of a two piece without revealing too much. A-line styles are great for women looking to hide a tummy while more fitted styles are sexy and slimming.

• Halter Neck

Some of my favorite bikini styles come with halter necks because they're not only stylish and sexy but supportive. Women with larger chests should definitely try this style because a halter will hold you in and reveal a little cleavage as well. Look for styles that have bands at the bottom and can be tied around your neck so it can be adjusted to your size.

• Bandeau Bikini

A bandeau top is probably my favorite style because it prevents strappy tan lines. It's especially great for women who are small on top and bandeaus with ruffles and ties will make your chest appear larger. Find one with a detachable strap for swims and summer sports.

• String Style

An itsy bitsy string bikini is not for everyone, but for those who can brave the sexiest style, go for it! Women with larger chests should avoid this style, and women with very small chests should know it's not going to do much to make you look larger. With that said, a black string bikini will always be in style and have all eyes on you this summer.

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