Baby Boy Born Missing Certain Bones May Lose Arm, Legs

A baby boy born without certain crucial bones in an arm and his legs may have to have his limbs amputated, it is reported by the Burnley Express.

Seven-month-old Cavan Kirkham-MacCallum, of Burnley, England, has hemimelia, which has left one arm and both his legs withered, according to the report.

Hemimelia is a congenital disorder that can lead to incomplete or underdeveloped limbs. Cavan's parents told the Burnley Express that the only treatment available is in the U.S. and may not be effective.

They are now faced with the difficult decision of having Cavan's limbs amputated or of taking him to the U.S. for costly limb reconstruction surgery, which would be carried out over the course of several years.

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