Deported Serial Pedophile Raymond Horne Set to Return to Britain

A serial pedophile who has spent a total of 14 years in jail for offenses against boys as young as 13 will arrive in London tomorrow after being deported from Australia.

As experts warn that he is likely to reoffend, Raymond Kenneth Horne, 61, will be handed to police in London by Australian immigration officials who accompanied him on a flight at midday Wednesday.

He was released from a Brisbane, Australia, jail after serving a 12-year sentence for 14 child sex offenses committed after he lured two homeless boys to his apartment while volunteering for a charity.

Once in Britain, he will be forced to sign the Sex Offenders Register and faces a further five years behind bars if caught alone with a child.

Authorities had planned to keep Horne in custody indefinitely, but immigration officials decided this month to cancel his visa in light of his criminal history and deport him.

He left behind a 43-year criminal history in the state of Queensland, where he arrived from Britain as a 5-year-old boy with his family in 1952. He never took Australian citizenship.

The Immigration Department has not explained why Horne was not deported decades ago, after his first two-month prison sentence for child sex offenses in 1968.

By the time he turned 21 that year, he already had a lengthy criminal history, with convictions for assault, drug and sexual offenses over a three-year period.

Horne was jailed again in 1992 for indecent acts with boys aged under 14, and was paroled the following year. He reoffended within a month. He was returned to custody in May 1993 and paroled once more in November 1994.

Months later, while volunteering for the Brisbane City Mission charity, he offered food and a place to sleep separately to two boys, aged 13 and 15. Both were subjected to sex acts including sodomy and were indecently photographed.

When he was convicted and jailed in 1996, the judge described Horne as “a persistent sex offender who preyed upon young, vulnerable boys.”

Judy Spence, Queensland’s Police Minister, said after the decision that Horne should be closely watched and that Australia “would be well rid of him.”

“His heinous crimes speak for themselves. If he wasn’t being thrown out of the country we would have applied to the court to have him kept in jail,” she said. “I’m told UK authorities know he’s coming. My advice to them is to keep him under close supervision.”

Doctors and child protection groups say that the risk of pedophiles such as Horne reoffending increases after deportation, owing to the offender's heightened anxiety.

“These types of offenders are just not going to get better. The only thing to do is to keep them locked up,” said Bravehearts, the child protection agency.

Serious offenders are regularly returned to their homeland after serving out their jail term in Australia, sometimes to reoffend.

Edward Godfrey, a serial rapist deported from to Britain in 2001, raped an Australian backpacker a year later and in 2004 was sentenced to life in prison.

In 2005 Robert Excell, a pedophile who had raped or indecently dealt with a series of boys over a period of 16 years, was deported from Perth in Western Australia. He had served almost 40 years in prison for child sex offenses dating back to 1965.