Expert: Teen Pregnancies Contribute to Overpopulation

Unwanted teen pregnancies and bouts of binge drinking are contributing to the world’s unsustainable population growth, a World Health Organization academic said.

John Gillebaud, a leading academic on birth control, reproductive health and population issues, told a conference in Canberra, Australia, that unprotected sex leading to unwanted pregnancies is the greatest threat to mankind.

"Every single week a new city of 1.7 million could be created, and the current global population growth is unsustainable," he said, speaking via satellite from London.

"Each year, there are around 80 million unwanted pregnancies and 30 million of these are aborted," he said.

"The inconvenient truth is, the world is already overpopulated and soon we may experience shortages of food and water."

Gillebaud said reckless alcohol consumption was the main reason for unwanted teenage pregnancies.

"Alcohol causes more unwanted teenage pregnancies than anything else," he said.

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