Alternatives to Your Favorite Foods 'Banned' During Pregnancy

The day has finally come — you want to sing from the rooftops that you're pregnant! After the initial screams and cheers to your mother, sister and friends, you may find yourself having to make another round of calls … to cancel next week's dinner plans.

Your doctor has just given you the checklist of what NOT to put in your body … and now you realize that you're about to embark on nine months without caffeine, alcohol … and even sushi!

iMag turned to Keri Glassman for help! Glassman thinks that just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you have to cancel your social agenda for the next nine months. She's supplied us with a list of alternatives to your mocha frap and spicy tuna roll — you may even start liking these foods more than the real thing!

When Eating Out:
• Make a meal of vegetable rolls, edamame and a seaweed salad.

At Home, Try Making a Seaweed Wrap:
• 1 cup of chopped carrots and red cabbage
• ¼ cup of soy nuts
• 1 tbsp ginger dressing
• Piece of nori
• Place veggies, soy nuts and dressing in nori and roll.

This is also a great source of calcium!

Go for sandwiches with fresh turkey or roasted chicken. Deli meats run the risk of being contaminated with listeria.

Try Vegetarian Sandwiches

• Hummus, cucumbers, spinach and tomatoes in a whole wheat wrap is a great option.

Craving Hot Dogs?

• Try a nitrate free brand. For example, Applegate Farms or Hans All Natural. Be sure to heat to an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees.

• Go for an alcohol free spritzer made with seltzer and fruit juice (i.e. 8 oz seltzer and 2 oz cranberry juice).

• Decaffeinated green or chai tea are great if you want something hot and slightly spicy.
Try dark chocolate. It has a slightly bitter taste (similar to coffee) and a mild stimulant effect. Plus you get the added benefit of it's high antioxidant content! Just limit to a small portion.

If you do consume coffee limit to one cup per day.

• Go for low-fat hard cheeses, which are a great source of calcium and protein. Enjoy cheddar, gouda, gruyere, havarti, provolone and other hard cheeses.
• Read labels of soft cheese — often they are pasteurized.
• If you're craving something creamy, try cottage cheese, marscapone cheese or cream cheese.
• Yogurt is another great soft cheese alternative — try Greek yogurt.

• Try incorporating smoked seafood into other fully cooked dishes, such as quiche. This decreases the risk of listeria.
• Canned or shelf-stable smoked seafood is also safe

Things to Avoid

• Hollandaise sauce and Caesar salad dressing also contain raw egg — instead, choose a salad dressing made with olive oil and you'll get added benefits from the monounsaturated fats!
• No more eating raw cookie dough! Wait until the cookies are fully baked to enjoy! (There's nothing better than fresh-baked soft cookies, so you shouldn't mind TOO much!)

Be sure to cook eggs until whites and yolks are firm.

• Go for fully cooked shellfish.
• Steam oysters, clams, and muscles and enjoy them with the same sauces, flavorings and garnishes that you would if they were raw.

• Go for shrimp, salmon, pollock or catfish. These fish are all lower in mercury.

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