Pop Tarts: Brooke Hogan 'The Victim' in Hulk’s Alleged Adultery With Her Best Friend?

When your best friend and your father allegedly have an affair, isn’t it normal to feel, well, a little upset?

Reality TV starlet Brooke Hogan is suffering amid recent allegations that her famous father Hulk Hogan had an affair with her best friend, 33-year-old Christiane Plante, triggering the breakdown of his 24-year marriage to wife Linda.

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Plante told The National Enquirer last week that she “grew close” to the world-champion wrestler and their romantic relationship started at a time when he and his ex-wife “privately knew their marriage was ending.” However, 19-year-old Brooke has publicly lashed out at her former best friend, via MySpace (the post has since been taken down).

“I think she shoulda thought about what kinda press she was gonna get when she slept with her best friend's famous father ... I think we're all seeing just exactly how karma works Christiane. Nothing you say will ever put my family back together," Brooke wrote on her blog.

According to Patrick Wanis, the celebrity life coach and human behavior expert who coached the family on their show “Hogan Knows Best," Brooke is the unfortunate victim who has to now deal with losing the faith she once had in her father and best friend.

“Brooke is a sweet, sensitive and vulnerable girl. Loyalty to her is paramount. She isn’t the sort of girl who opens up or trusts easily, but once she does she usually creates a lifelong bond with friends,” said Wanis. “For Brooke to be betrayed by someone (Christiane) with whom she worked and considered a friend — maybe best friend — is truly devastating.”

So why is Brooke lashing out at the woman rather than her father?

“Brooke is someone who looks up to her father, and based on my experience with other clients, she will most likely subconsciously feel that dad has let her down,” said Wanis. “But she may not want to admit to herself because it would crush her image of dad and thus she may choose to shift or project the anger toward the mistress.”

Another inside source, however, has told Tarts that Brooke is “coming to terms” with the alleged affair.

“Naturally, Brooke was very upset and she used her blog to express that,” said the pal. “But she realizes now that this is a personal issue and probably needs to be dealt with in a more personal way. She’s a strong girl; she is coming to terms with it all and coping with this as best she can.”

A rep for Hulk Hogan had "no comment."

Victoria's Secret Model Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom Caught in Lip-Lock

Australian native Miranda Kerr, the newest "Angel" on the Victoria's Secret team, may still be acting coyly about her blossoming bond with Orlando Bloom, but all was exposed in her recent interview with the U.K. version of Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

After insisting that she and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor were "just really good friends," the reporter apparently noticed a very interesting photo on the supermodel’s BlackBerry wallpaper. The snap reportedly showed the genetically blessed pair in a, well, pretty passionate lip-lock. Whoops!

We can’t help but question the communication in the rumbling romance: New York-based Kerr was in Los Angeles for a photo shoot over Academy Awards weekend, but according to her home-grown publication The Courier Mail, she was "fending for herself" as Orlando "was in Asia for work-related commitments."

Hmm — so how did he end up Kerr-less (and instead getting super-friendly with Rumer Willis) at the Oscar soirees for both Madonna and Prince ?

America Ferrera: Illegal Immigrants America’s Responsibility?

America Ferrera is more than just a, well, "Ugly" face.

The popular actress stars in the upcoming drama "Under the Same Moon," which centers on the struggle of crossing the Mexican border. Although she has shown avid support for Hillary Clinton in the race for the presidency, Ferrera believes all parties should be prepared to take responsibility for illegal immigration.

"Regardless of which candidate takes the White House, this is an issue this country has to face. There is no silver bullet — it is time we took immigrants out of the shadows and put them on the path to immigration," Ferrera told Tarts.

"We have to understand what is it that is making these people put their life on the line to come here and accept a very substandard way of living. Whatever it is, it must be better than what else is being offered. We all have dealt with not only what is going on in this country but what is happening on the other side of the border."

So what is it about the U.S. that lures so many to make that dangerous move?

"There is a kind of narrative that’s told that makes others want the American Dream and want our jobs," she said. "But in the end it just comes down to survival and providing for your family. It is false to think people crossing the border just want to drive a Mercedes-Benz and go to Disneyland."

But even for Ferrera, who spends most of her days peering out from those inch-thick "Ugly Betty" frames, she still can see the magical side of Tinseltown.

"A lot of Hollywood is based on visuals and manufactured ideas of beauty, and that is always going to exist. There is always going to be that vanity-driven, useless side of the industry," she said. "But then there is the part that is centered on making art and social commentary. I’m not going to compare Us Weekly to the Oscars."

Larter Traumatized by Dead Sheep; Brittany Murphy Misses the Memo

Hollywood is (finally) en route to rival the culture of the Big Apple as a slew of stars stepped out avant-garde style on Saturday to celebrate W magazine’s opening of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum at LACMA.

The likes of Ginnifer Goodwin, Fran Drescher, Rashida Jones and Roseanna Arquette "oohed" and "ahhed" over the plethora of paintings, sculptures and exhibits spanning the stunning multi-level museum.

"Heroes" heartbreaker Ali Larter, however, did a little more "ahhing" as she approached conceptual artist Damien Hirst's dead sheep in a glass tank of formaldehyde.

Wrapped eloquently in a shawl and strapless black and white dress, Larter’s doll-like face crumbled with curiosity and disgust as she (and her doting fiancé) circled the controversial exhibit.

Brittany Murphy also had her own "Clueless" moment at the swanky soiree when she arrived with her husband just after 10 p.m. The actress appeared devastated when told she could only be admitted into the after-party as the gallery already was closed, and thus promised officials that "she will have to come back."

Sorry, Brit, famous or not, the invite did specifically say 8 p.m. for the gallery preview.

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