Naomi Campbell Hospitalized in Brazil for Cyst Removal

Naomi Campbell was hospitalized in Sao Paulo for the removal of a small cyst, her publicist said Tuesday.

The 37-year-old British supermodel, a frequent visitor to Brazil who earlier this month celebrated Carnival in the northeastern city of Salvador, came to Sao Paulo to be treated by Brazilian doctors at this city's Sirio Libanes Hospital.

"Naomi Campbell was admitted to the hospital last night to have a small cyst removed," Jeff Raymond, Campbell's publicist, said in a statement. "Following the successful procedure, she is now resting and is looking forward to getting back to work. She would like to thank the doctors who have kindly looked after her."

Campbell underwent successful emergency abdominal surgery, gynecologist Jose Aristodemo Pinotti told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.

"I cannot reveal what Naomi had, nor how serious her condition was, but I can say I operated on her yesterday, that everything went smoothly and that she is completely cured and walking in her room," Pinotti said.

He described the procedure as a laparoscopy, in which doctors use a thin, lighted scope to view internal organs.

"She came to Brazil to be treated for a condition I am not been authorized to reveal," he said. He declined further comment.

The hospital said Campbell was admitted Sunday night and added that "the patient and her advisers have determined that the hospital's medical staff will not issue any formal or informal information on her medical condition."

The hospital said David Uip, one of Brazil's leading experts in the treatment of infectious diseases, was also caring for Campbell.

Campbell made headlines recently for interviewing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for the February issue of British GQ magazine.

"I found him to be fearless, but not threatening or unreasonable," she wrote of Chavez. "I hope Venezuela's relations with America will improve in the immediate future."

In August, a judge allowed a lawsuit against Campbell to proceed, and ruled the supermodel's stormy past can potentially be used against her.

Read the ruling

Former Campbell maid Gaby Gibson said the fashion plate verbally abused her on a number of occasions and then physically attacked her in January 2006. The Romanian immigrant said Campbell had become furious when she couldn't find a pair of Stella McCartney jeans.

"I've had it with you, f—-ing b—ch," the suit quotes Campbell as saying before she allegedly punched or kicked at the back of Gibson's head.

In June, Campbell settled a lawsuit with a former employee who claims she abused her verbally and physically on three continents.

Amanda Brack, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla., sued Campbell in July 2006 for unspecified money damages, accusing her of assault, battery, false imprisonment and infliction of emotional distress. Brack's papers said the abusive incidents started a month after she began working for Campbell in February 2005.

In March, the catwalker was released from a garbage truck garage in Manhattan after completing five days of community service for assaulting her maid.

The model pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault for throwing a phone at her maid over a missing pair of jeans.

Her maid, Ana Scolavino, required four stitches to her head, since the phone apparently was crystal-encrusted. Campbell said it was an accident because she did not intend to hit her.

In an agreement negotiated with prosecutors, a Manhattan Criminal Court judge sentenced Campbell to the five days of community service, to take anger management classes and to pay $363.32 in restitution to Scolavino, as well as covering her hospital bills.

The Associated Press and the New York Post contributed to this report.