1 Person Dies, 72 Made Ill From Denture Cleaner Allergy

The Food and Drug Administration is warning denture users to be careful after one person died and at least 72 others were sickened by allergic reactions to denture cleaners, it is reported by Bloomberg News.

The death and some of the illnesses are due to misuse of the cleaners, most of which contain an allergen called persulfate, according to information posted on the FDA's Web site.

"Some patients have gargled or swallowed it, resulting in abdominal pain, vomiting, seizure, hypotension and difficulty breathing," the Web site said.

Officials are urging patients to use cleaners only as directed and to be aware of the symptoms of an allergy to persulfate, which is a bleaching agent.

Allergic reactions happened quickly in some people and after years of use in others, Bloomberg News reported.

The FDA recommended that denture cleaners add better warnings and patient instructions on package labeling.

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