Report: Physical Therapy May Alleviate Painful Sex for Women

In a time when sex is no longer a taboo subject, many women are harboring a secret — they suffer from chronic pain due to sexual intercourse, according to ABC News.

It is reported that at any given point, about 16 percent of women are experiencing pain due to sexual intercourse, said Dr. Elizabeth Stewart, director of the Vulvovaginal Service at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates and an associate professor at Harvard Medical School who wrote “The V Book” on the subject.

These women report “a stinging, a stretching,” or feel “like it’s ripping you apart,” after having intercourse, ABC News reported.

Even the best gynecologists are struggling to find answers as to why chronic sexual pain persists.

However, physical therapy could be the answer to a woman’s painful problem, according to the report.

Raquel Perlis, a physical therapist based in Wellesley, Mass., treats 10 women a day for this very problem, it is reported.

Her patients and their partners learn how to stretch and massage their pelvic floor muscles. Another form of therapy that Perlis uses includes biofeedback.

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